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Account Aggregation Technology

Gain a 360 financial picture of your client’s banks, credit cards, investments & more

Complete financial picture

Gain a complete financial picture of your client’s- Banks, Credit Cards, Investment Accounts & more


Automate your day to day operations so that you can focus on increasing revenue.

Stay competitive

Stay competitive and use technology to drive more sales


Bank level security

Consolidate Transactional data

Everything In One API

Data Extracted From:

Bank Accounts

Credit Cards

Investment Accounts

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Data Points Extracted:

Transactional Data

Check Images (from Bank Accounts)

Physical Financial Statement




Financial service professionals

For financial service industries which require

secure & unfettered access to their client’s financial

data all under “ONE” software program.

Financial software companies

The 3RDVISTA API platform was developed by

veteran financial software developers for

developers! The API is quick to implement into

any existing software application.



An investment advisor trying to onboard a client often requests previous investment statements in order to best tailor their investment strategy. Aggregating statements would be a huge game changer for Financial Advisors.

Small Businesses

Securely centralize all your statements and transnational data in one software application.


Utilize the 3RDVISTA API to speed up funding by automatically accessing a client's financial statements.

Rock Solid Data Security

Secure Password Encryption – 3rdVista has gone to tremendous lengths and development to avoid any security breaches

256 bits Data Encryption
Extremely difficult to identify password
3 Fail Lockout Policy (i.e. when the user enters the password 3x incorrectly)
Complex length and character password requirements + 90 day expiration
Continuously adding layers of security upon increasing product development

Click to view full list of security features
  • Application security implementations:

    – Users control if/when account passwords are saved.

    – Passwords encrypted using AES 256.

    – Encryption key is the user’s password and stored in memory, not persisted.

    – Role-based access (administrator, customer, developer and user).

    – Password complexity and strength (minimum  of 4 letters, 4 numbers and 1 symbol, case sensitive).

    – Password history (cannot use the past 6).

    – Password expiration (expires every 90 days).

    – IP access origin can be restricted by customer.

    – Read-only access to financial institutions.

    – Detail access, log and exception handling.

    – Security events notification.

    – HTTPS.

    – Same-origin policy.

    – Session ID randomically generated, non-repeating, 7.9E+28 combinations.

    – Session expiration.

    – Data backups stored in a separated physical location.

    – No SQL injection possible, all parameters passed via “binding”.

  • Privacy

    At 3RDVISTA, your trust means everything to us. That’s why we respect your privacy and will never sell any of your data to anyone…ever!

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