The Difference

How 3RDVISTA is different than the rest


We extract check images and physical statements.  3RDVISTA is the only comprehensive solution in the world that provides this service!

We believe in providing a transparent backend API solution – we have built a Customer Support Tool that allows any Customer Support Person to review any account aggregation error and address the problem live with their customer over the phone.

3RDVISTA has built internal mechanisms to alert our internal development team when an extraction fails. We know that your business is dependent on our technology and therefore our goal is to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

3RDVISTA provides a categorization engine that allows our customers to define the “logic and rules.” There is no need to build additional categorization technology.


3RDVISTA is focused on the small business owner vs other account aggregation companies focused on Enterprise companies. Often times, small business support can be significantly time and cost prohibiting.

We gives special attention to develop all requested Banks/CC whether large or small. Our goal is to turn around new requested banks quickly without a charge.

3RDVISTA wants to reduce dependency upon developers and has created a proprietary Administration tool for our clients to control variables. Example – how often is the data refreshed, a highly effective asset for IT staffs large or small.

We understand that small businesses need our account aggregation software but can’t afford full time developers. That’s why in addition to applications, 3RDVISTA provides a software development service that will develop your entire software solution from A-Z.


3RDVISTA does not have any long term commitment contracts nor licensing fees.
We are price sensitive and work to offer remarkably competitive pricing.