Can you provide me a list of Financial Institutions that 3RDVISTA integrates with?

Yes we can provide this to you. Please send an email request to: info@3rdvista.com

How Is 3RDVISTA Different than Accessing a Bank or Credit Card Website Directly?

There are many advantages for choosing 3RDVISTA as it will allow you to centralize your financial data for your clients in one tightly knit package and you’ll be able to extract all of your banking statements automatically.

3RDVISTA utilizes API REST technology that is both easy and cost effective which can be integrated with Web or even client based technology.

3RDVISTA is the only comprehensive API technology today that can be quickly deployed to any location with minimal downtime, resulting in lower costs and easier maintenance. You’ll be able to get all of your statements from one location, making it ideal for data aggregation. The data aggregation is intuitive and interactive, so you’ll get a seamless experience.

How Do You Handle Downloading Statements and Check Images?

Many people have more than 1 sub account to track their finances.

This results in having to download each statement manually.

You don’t have this problem with 3RDVISTA. Instead, each statement is ready for you to download with one click.

Check images are all embedded inside a link. If you have to store and back up any checks, it’s a real hassle to take a picture of every single one. 3RDVISTA simplifies this process by downloading every single check image for you and making it available through the API.

Most banks or credit card companies will remove statements and check images after some time (in some cases after 90 days) as they are too expensive to store online. With 3RDVISTA, we’ll store all checks and statements for you for as long as the account is active.

How Does 3RDVISTA Utilize My Information?

Bank credentials are securely entered via the API  which then takes the information and extracts the data from the Financial Institution’s web site.  Via this process, all the information, is extracted and aggregated for you. Once the data is centralized via 3RDVISTA, the data can be fed into any application such as, Financial Planning, a Loan Application etc..

Via the 3RDVISTA technology, our coding can save a lot of manual labor allowing you to focus on what you do best!

How Safe Is 3RDVISTA When Accessing My Information?

Our software makes use of Bank Level Encryption. We take security extremely seriously and continuously monitor and upgrade our security standards.

Do You Have My Financial Institution in 3RDVISTA

We have an API call that is able to list out all data connections 3RDVISTA has. If we don’t have a bank, we use a request process that aims to turn around within one week or less depending on the queue. Our aim is to please and ensure you have a great experience with 3RDVISTA

How Will You Plan to Manage and Minimize Any Costs I Might Incur?

3RDVISTA charges a monthly fee for every user, by account, per month.

To elaborate, let’s say you’re enrolled with Chase and Bank of America accounts. We will charge for both accounts every month.

Pricing for each financial institution connection is discussed within the contract.

Depending on what financial institutions you’re a member of, with 3RDVISTA, you’ll be able to view transactional data, checks, and statements.

How Will You Plan to Manage and Minimize Any Risks I Might Incur?

You’re able to add your username and password yourself. You’ll also get to control how you enter your data into your account and which accounts are available for you to see.

If you’ve made a mistake in entering your credentials or any accounts for any reason, you can delete or modify them at any time.

Any information entered into your account is read-only, so there is no way for money to be moved from one account to another. Adding your financial institutions is also a simple point-and-click process that will take no time at all.

You’ll be able to see reports that show how many different financial institutions you’ve added and any problems with your account. If your password is incorrect, needs to be stronger, or if your security questions aren’t set, you’ll be notified of these issues.

This All Seems Very Daunting, Where Do I Start?

At 3RDVISTA, our number one goal is to make things as simple and worry free as possible for you. We’ll set up a trial account for you to test drive our application. We’re convinced our software is so easy to use, that you won’t need any training to use it.

There are no complicated contracts with fancy jargon that is difficult for you to understand, or any long-term obligations, or big minimums.

Any new integrations to our system are extremely easy to add whenever new updates come out. You’ll be able to easily maintain your account and you’ll be alerted if your password or security questions need updating as well.

Our account integration is proactive and is swiftly updated when any financial institution has changed their website.

Do I need a Development team?

Initially, you’ll need some programming brought in.

Luckily, we have an easy step-by-step document that will guide you on how to get set up.

It will come with a pre-built package that can be easily plugged in and get you started right away. As a bonus, at 3RDVISTA, we offer a service that will have a team code it for you and build your own software application.