Rock Solid Data Security

Secure Password Encryption – 3RDVISTA has gone to tremendous lengths and development to avoid any security breaches

256 bits Data Encryption
Extremely difficult to identify password
3 Fail Lockout Policy (i.e. when the user enters the password 3x incorrectly)
Complex length and character password requirements + 90 day expiration
Continuously adding layers of security upon increasing product development
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  • Application security implementations:

    – Users control if/when account passwords are saved.

    – Passwords encrypted using AES 256.

    – Encryption key is the user’s password and stored in memory, not persisted.

    – Role-based access (administrator, customer, developer and user).

    – Password complexity and strength (minimum  of 4 letters, 4 numbers and 1 symbol, case sensitive).

    – Password history (cannot use the past 6).

    – Password expiration (expires every 90 days).

    – IP access origin can be restricted by customer.

    – Read-only access to financial institutions.

    – Detail access, log and exception handling.

    – Security events notification.

    – HTTPS.

    – Same-origin policy.

    – Session ID randomically generated, non-repeating, 7.9E+28 combinations.

    – Session expiration.

    – Data backups stored in a separated physical location.

    – No SQL injection possible, all parameters passed via “binding”.