Homeowner brought to tears after receiving heartwarming note from neighbour

A homeowner was blown away when they received a sweet gift and note from a neighbour.

As they went to walk outside, they were greeted with a plastic bag filled with tasty baked treats and a note which explained that the next-door neighbours were celebrating Eid.

They wanted others to feel included in the festivities so offered up heartwarming gifts.

The note reads: “Hey neighbour! Today is the Muslim holiday Eid which marks the end of our month of fasting.

“On this day we get dressed up to go to prayer and come back and celebrate with toys, food and candy.

“We just wanted to share a little piece of our celebration with you!”

The note concludes: “Hope you enjoy them. Many blessings.

“(From) your neighbours with the kids that say ‘hi’ a million times.”

The letter is dated May 2019 but a photo of it has started circulating on Reddit again this week.

Since being reposted, it has received more than 7,100 upvotes and dozens of comments from people who admitted the wholesome message brought a tear to their eye.

One responder joked: “How wonderful. If we all shared our celebrations with our neighbours, especially from different faiths or cultures, so much joy would be shared!”

Another said: “Awww. Made me smile today.”

A third wrote: “That is so awesome, what lovely people!”

While a fourth admitted: “Now I got something in my eye!”