Apple Watch May Soon Add Guided Audio Walking Workouts, Feature’s References Spotted on iOS 14.4 Beta

Apple is planning to add a new feature on the Apple Watch models that will offer guided ‘Walk workouts’ when the device is connected to power and an iPhone. The new guided workouts setting that needs to be enabled manually appeared on the iOS 14.4 beta but would roll out to the smartwatch as well. The feature is currently not functional in the beta OS version, and its exact usage remains unclear. However, the new workout mode seems to be an extension of the current “Time to Stand” reminders on the Apple Watch that encourage users to stand up and walk around a little once an hour.

9to5Mac adds that the publication found references to ‘WORKOUT_GUIDED_WALK’ in the beta source code during its code investigation. In its report, it indicated that users might be able to enjoy walking workouts through audio instructions. Meanwhile, the setting for the ‘Time to Walk’ feature on the iOS 14.4 beta and Apple Watch reads “Workouts are downloaded when Apple Watch is connected to power and near your iPhone. Competed workout are deleted automatically,” as spotted in a screenshot available on Twitter. The 9to5Mac report adds that based on the fact these special workouts need to be downloaded and automatically deleted when completed, Time to Walk may use dedicated audio track with these sessions.

Apple already reminds users to ‘take a walk’ with its Time to Stand reminders, therefore walking workouts may offer new goals and targets through guided instructions – similar to Apple Fitness Plus service that offers daily fitness routines. It is unclear whether the Time to Walk guide would require a Fitness Plus subscription to function. Notably, Apple’s fitness subscription only provides indoor workout routines, therefore it would not be surprising if the company brings the new guided audio workouts behind a paywall. In contrast, the company might also bring ‘Time to Push’ workouts for people who have physical disabilities and are unable to walk. The Apple Watch already offers Time to Roll alerts as an alternative to Time to Stand reminders, for wheelchair users.