Woman shares hack to make acrylics last months but it could wreck your nails

With salons being closed across the majority of the country as a result of tier 4 coronavirus restrictions, people are taking beauty matters into their own hands.

One woman claims to have discovered a way to make her acrylic nails last for months – perfect for those canceled salon appointments.

In a video that has been viewed more than 10 million times, the woman demonstrates how to soak off the fake nails, and how to re-apply them to make them look like a brand new set.

But it’s how she removes them that viewers have an issue with, as some say it can ruin her natural nails.

She starts by soaking her nails in warm water to loosen the glue before going in with a pair of tweezers and a flossing stick to prise the fake nail from the real nail.

Then, she files the surface of her natural nail and re-applies the fake one with strong nail glue.

To finish off the look she applies a clear topcoat.

Although the video has received more than 1.4 million likes and comments from stunned beauty fans who thought it was a “smart” idea, another woman, under the username @melinatesi, who showed viewers how to remove their acrylics at home was blasted by people who said it would ruin their natural nails.

One said: “Destroying your natural nails. Please no.”

Another added: “You’re tearing your natural nails.”

And a third suggested soaking them off first before trying to pull them off of the natural nail bed so it hurts less.