Woman ‘left in tears’ after overhearing boyfriend’s remark on doorbell camera

A man’s comment about his girlfriend left people fuming after she overheard it on a doorbell camera.

Colbi Carlson was urged to dump her boyfriend after sharing a video of the awkward moment on TikTok.

On the caption of the video, she added: “Merry Christmas to me :(.”

In the clip, she explained: “As my boyfriend was leaving my house last night I heard him say something I wish I didn’t…”

In the video, a man can be seen exiting a house and telling a friend: “You know what I want for Christmas? A new girlfriend.”

The video has been seen 28.4 million times since being uploaded to TikTok.

It has racked up 5.1 million likes and 93,100 likes – with lots of people left outraged by the comment.

One viewer blasted: “Send it to him, be like “good luck with that Christmas wish.”

Another joked: “Help the process by making him available for one.”

A third asked: “You mean your ex boyfriend right?”

A fourth added: “Drop him, you deserve better…treat yourself for Christmas, and take care.”

Following the backlash, Colbi uploaded another video to defend her boyfriend.

She said: “In regards to my last video, that was a complete joke.

“I actually accidentally told him that he was a downgrade, so he said that back as a joke and apologised.

“Like I was laughing, that picture of me crying was for something stupid from months ago.

“Sorry for the confusion and hate, I appreciate the support if that was actually to happen.”

Lots of people were less relieved by the explanation – with one viewer commenting: “Thank god! I thought it was a joke.”

Another added: “Once again, people taking it out of hand.”

A third replied: “Good girl, I was ready to come find him for you.”

But others were less forgiving, with one asking: “How do you “accidentally” tell your boyfriend that he’s a downgrade?”

Another asked: “How is that a joke, I’m confused.”